Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sheperds pie

This was better than I thought it would turn out, it was an experiment as I am normally lazy and get the sachet but wanted it as syn free as poss.

You need:-
Parsnips (chopped and softened)
Carrots (chopped and softened)
x1 can chopped tomatoes
Beef stock x3 with a little water i think i used 500ml
Lean mince meat.
Loads potatoes sprinkled with mixed herbs
Milk x4 dashes.

I steamed my meat to make sure as much fat had drained as possible.
Then went on to steam all the veg and potatoes.
Put in a dish and bung all the ingredients apart from the potatoes mixed herb and milk.
I left this to soak up the juices for an hour but i dunno if it would be the same if you just cooked it normally.
Whilst this was hapening i set the oven to 180 and mashed the mixed herbs and potatoe with milk to a smooth consistancy.

then I spread the potatoe nice and thick and bunged in the oven for 30 mins.

It was LUSH! and cos Hubby doesnt like mince meat its alllllllllllllllllllll mine mwahahahhaah!

If you want you can syn the 3 stock cubes which would be 3 syns but i havent cos its for hte whole thing.

Syn free pancakes

OMG these are lush, I got this off of Minimins curtosy of poster "sweet cheeks" and they are divine!! had them three days in a row for bfast and sooooooooooooooooo scrummy. Thank you Sweet cheeks they are lush! Hope you dont mind me nicking the recipe.
You need....
x3 Eggs
2-3 Teaspoons sweetener (depending on own taste)
3-4 Drops of vanilla essence
Seperate the white from the yolk and put into separate bowls, Whisk the egg white until fluffy and add the sweetener,
In the other bowl add the vanilla essence then fold the yolk into the egg white.
Heat a frying pan with frylight, add the mix and spread as you would a normal pancake (i made two out of this recipe) after a few mins flip over.
For mine i like the normal old fashoined way of lemon and sugar but i substitute it with canderel.
but you could add any fruit or yoghurt for instance to make it how you like it!