Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Syn Free Ice Cream

3 Eggs Separated
6-8 level Tbsp Splenda
A few drops of Vanilla Extract
350g Virtually Fat Free Fromage Frais

Whisk whites till stiff then fold in splenda with a metal spoon. 
Beat yolks and add vanilla, add to egg white and then fold in fromage frais.
Pour into a ice cream churn until mr whippy set or you can place in a freezer remembering to stir so the ice crystals don't set.

Monday, 14 June 2010

stuffed peppers

i made stuffed peppers last night which was really nice.

i got a yellow pepper and cut the top off and in half.
Made the cous cous with a cup of cous cous and a cup of hot water with chicken stock. Frylighted some red onions and some of the top of the yellow pepper.
added them and some sultanas and salt and pepper.

Baked the peppers and it was a lovely meal.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

baked bean lasagne

Baked Bean Lasange (serves 4)

1 Onion
100g Mushrooms (I used more cause I love them)
3x Garlic Cloves
2 x tin Baked Beans
1 Tin of chopped tomato (I used 6 large tablespoons of passata as I don't like chopped tomato)
Mixed Herbs
Worchester Sauce
Lasange Sheets
Low Fat Cheese (42g per serving - I found that 42g was enough for the 4 servings but feel free to add more if you wish)

Preheat Oven to 200 degrees

Fry onion, garlic and mushroom (cut finely) for a few mins until brown.

Add beans, tomato (or passata) herbs, worchester and paprika and cook for another few mins.

Place in caserole dish and layer as per normal with lasagne, cover with foil and cook for 30-40mins.

Add cheese on top, re-cover and cook for 5 mins or until cheese it all melted and yummy looking.

Curried Soup

This is lush and doesnt really take much "doing" at all. And its cheap if your on a budget!

x4 chicken stock cubes
Onions x2
Medium curry powder
x1 leek
frozen mixed vegetables
x2 tbsp Tomatoe Puree
x6 tbls Cous cous
x6 tbs Green lentils
X6 tbs Pearl barley
Fry light

Pop smoe fry light in a big saucepan, chop up your onions quite fine, then pop them in the saucepan and fry for a few mins, add a tablespoon of curry powder and fry them both for a few mins.
Add water (not sure how much but I have included a pic so you can see roughly how much. Add 4 chicken stock cubes. Leave to heat ont he boil.
Then add your cut up leeks, pearl barley, tomatoe puree, cous cous, mixed veg (not sure how much i put in i just chuck in however many i feel) and green lentils and again leave to boil and cook.
Leave for a good hour on simmer.  At some point there will be a film of skin at the top just scrape that out and pop in the bin.

Voila! It makes LOADS of soup so i wouldnt count the puree but its 1 syn for the whole soup! Pearl Barley is free on green and ee but 5 syns for 28g on red.

Lovely jubbly.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Speed soup

Yes speed soup! proven to boost weight loss and tastes amazing!

Free on EE and Green

2 tins of toms
1 x tin green lentil (or dried)
1x tin mixed bean salad (or any dried beans and chipeas in stead)
red slit lentils
4x carrots
2 parsnips
1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow pepper
1 onion
2 leeks
1 tin of baken beans

mixed herbs
2 x stock cubes

water bung in all in slow cooker or in a pan until soft.

Can be left as a chunky stew or blitz until smooth.

I had it chunky and was amazing! didnt fancy it till i tried it and i couldnt get enough!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Hot Indian Chicken Curry with Rice

6 servings 
If you want to make less just reduce ingredients. I also add the spices gradually and taste as I go so do this to your own taste. Finally – its HOT so reduce the chillies if you don’t like it too spicy!

6 chicken breasts
600 grammes passata
2 tins chopped tomato
Tube tomato puree
2 cloves garlic (or 2 teaspoons of lazy garlic)
1 large onion
3 peppers
4 red chillies
6 green chillies
Garam masala
Curry powder
Tikka spice
Bunch of fresh coriander
Juice of 1 lemon
1 chicken stock cube
Fry the chopped onion,garlic peppers and chillies till soft
Add chicken and fry until almost cooked
Add mushrooms and fry till almost cooked
Add tablespoon(heaped) of tikka spice & stir to coat
Add passata and chopped tomatoes
Once bubbling add tomato puree
Dissolve stock cube in water and add
Add remaining spices (I do this by taste and don’t really measure but its probably about 2 heaped tablespoons of each – May be more!)
Add chopped bunch of coriander (leaves only!)
Squeeze juice of lemon over and stir well
Leave to simmer for 15 mins to ensure all spices are absorbed.