Sunday, 18 April 2010

banana cake

Banana and cinnamon cake it wasnt too sweet so more like a bread with a cake texture am thinking it would be nice with sweetened quark anyhow it was huge so cut it into 9 slices at 2syns a slice.

56g/2oz self raising flour 10syns
6 eggs
cup of sweetener
1 tsp of baking powder 1/2 syn
2 medium bananas mashed 8 syns
1tsp of cinnamon think next time I will put 2 in wasnt enough really

preheat oven to 180

I separated 2 of the eggs and whisked the 2 egg whites in a bowl and put to one side put all the the other ingredients including the 2 egg yolks you seperated in another bowl and whisk, once nicely mixed fold in the 2 egg whites until there are no big lumps pour mixture into a sandwich tin, i used a silicon one it only just all fit in!
now I didnt time this lol i think about 40 mins after about 20 I covered the top with foil to stop it burning once out of the oven leav in the tin to cool for a bit then turn out and cut into 9 slices easier than it sounds cut into thirds then each thrid into 3 it works out to 2 syns a slice plus 1/2 syn over so I am going to count one slice at 2.5 the rest at 2 syns I then sprinkled sweetener over the top this will melt and make the top a bit sticky mmmmmm

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