Sunday, 13 June 2010

Curried Soup

This is lush and doesnt really take much "doing" at all. And its cheap if your on a budget!

x4 chicken stock cubes
Onions x2
Medium curry powder
x1 leek
frozen mixed vegetables
x2 tbsp Tomatoe Puree
x6 tbls Cous cous
x6 tbs Green lentils
X6 tbs Pearl barley
Fry light

Pop smoe fry light in a big saucepan, chop up your onions quite fine, then pop them in the saucepan and fry for a few mins, add a tablespoon of curry powder and fry them both for a few mins.
Add water (not sure how much but I have included a pic so you can see roughly how much. Add 4 chicken stock cubes. Leave to heat ont he boil.
Then add your cut up leeks, pearl barley, tomatoe puree, cous cous, mixed veg (not sure how much i put in i just chuck in however many i feel) and green lentils and again leave to boil and cook.
Leave for a good hour on simmer.  At some point there will be a film of skin at the top just scrape that out and pop in the bin.

Voila! It makes LOADS of soup so i wouldnt count the puree but its 1 syn for the whole soup! Pearl Barley is free on green and ee but 5 syns for 28g on red.

Lovely jubbly.

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