Monday, 10 May 2010

Dietgirls syn free pizza base using tesco wholemeal crusty flour

You can use these quantities as ‘free’ on a red or a green day because they are the equivalent of 2 HEbs. Just stick to your green or red day rules when you add your toppings, eg no sweecorn on red days, no meat on green etc.

If you use this on an EE day, then count 1HEb and 6 syns.

Don’t forget to count your cheese as a HEa to ensure totally syn free!

Take 75g of your wholemeal bread mix, save approximately 5g for dusting and add approximately 60-70ml of water til you form a dough. Knead according to instructions. This, when cooked, will make a base of approximately 115g in weight, which is 2HEbs.

When the dough has risen/rested for the required time, flatten with a rolling pin or, as I do, use the base of your hand for a more rustic base, using your leftover dusting mix to ensure your base doesn’t stick to the breadboard or chopping board.

Put the base into your baking tray and then top with a thin layer of passata (I like to add paprika and oregano to mine). Sprinkle on a little bit of cheese, it’s up to you whether you use 1 or 2 servings of mozzarella, don’t forget 1 serving of mozzarella is 42g or you can have 8 of those low fat President’s Light mozzarella balls per HEa. If you just want regular mozzarella, Iceland do a very reasonable bag of pizza cheese for just £2. The ingredients list says that it is mozzarella so I have used 42g of it as a HEa until someone tells me different. I have also used the Tesco Healthy Living mozzarella ball, which is really nice too.

Add your free or superfree toppings, making sure they are all cooked first because foods such as mushrooms and bacon are very watery and you don’t want soggy pizza base.

The packet says to cook on two hundred and something but after trial and error I have found that cooking your pizza on 150-180 for 20-30 minutes (depending on size of pizza) gives you a crust with decent bite without being burnt.

If you have done this right, your pizza should fit comfortably inside the inner ring of a standard dinner plate.

I would say that just to be on the extra extra angelic side, make sure you do have a couple of syns left over from your day to makeup for any approximation in your mix quantities (eg if you make it too sloppy by mistake and need to add a little more mix to even out the texture)

Hope this helps. If anyone has any other hints and tips, or would like to post pizza photos please do share them here!

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